I'm putting all the stuff that was in the Geocities-Archive on my own webspace. At the same time I'm
rebuilding the pages and adding more pictures. That takes some time. But almost done now. Enjoy !

- black & white
- color
- foreign

TTI posters from all over the world, many sent in by fans.

- Pictures from the MAD magazine.
- Pictures from the CRACKED magazine.

Pictures from the 8mm copies, the Atari game, books and several media.

Still on the "old" Geocities archive:
Very good widescreen screenshots from the movie itself
All kinds of great photos from several magazines.

For the latest additions, you have to check out our Photo Center.


The original "Building a blockbuster"-video is available in the Promenade Room, for VIP members only.
Also a cut scene from the t.v. version that is NOT on the TTI special edition dvd !
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Cut scenes from tv-version. Very small and in black 'n white, but believe me - worth every second !
Maureen McGovern - More of her singing "We may never.......".
Holden/Blakely - Susan Blakely and her film-dad.

Behind the scenes (from "Building a blockbuster" and "The Fantasy worlds of Irwin Allen")
Stars on a rope - All stars getting tied down before the camera's roll.
Markers - On all the camera's and filming starts with a bang.

Bloopers (from "The Fantasy worlds of Irwin Allen") - right-click, "save target as", etc.
Steve McQueen - taking a call on a GIANT telephone
Door handle comes off - when Paul Newman and Norman Burton leave Duncan's office