What is published about this movie in '74/'75. The following list isn't complete, there must have been much more ! If you have any information for me, please e-mail me ! At the bottom of this page I want to put a list of more recent books that have pages about TTI.
  • Souvenir Program(A4) - Meet the creators....and the stars, in a dramatic treasury of photographic highlights...and an informative behind-the-scenes look at "THE TOWERING INFERNO"
    Those were the days they sometimes sold those beautiful souvenir books at the cinema. There are 8 pages of great color photo's and 24 pages of text with lots of b/w photo's.)
  • MAD no.177, sept.'75 - Thanks to Robert Lindsay I got a copy of this nice spoof ("The Towering Sterno"?) by e-mail. Great cover (link), great pictures and even the lines are funny. I finally put all pages on-line: Enjoy !
  • Cracked Collectors' edition #20 - Cracked was a MAD-lookalike comic book magazine. This compilation (from '77) has all the major disasterfilms in it. "The Towering Infernal" is a 6-page spoof. The lines aren't very funny, but the pictures are nice. Now all pages are on-line !!!
  • Comic book - Fantastic pics of all pages of this typical 70's comic book adaptation of the movie. All pictures are drawn from photo's we all know very well. I love it. Some true fan mailed the pics to me, but I lost his name. Think he was from Argentina (text seems to be in Argentinian). I hope he reads this and will mail me, because he deserves credit for this great addition !
  • Brasilian Photobook - Thanks to Antonio Navarro - who sent me these pics - we can see this rare booklet from Brasil. It was a supplement to a magazine called Capricio. Very cheap, very nice, very 70's.
  • Publicity/Promotion/Exploitation booklet (A3, even bigger) - For the movie-theater owners, I guess, this too big "booklet" contains the advert in every possible size, a souvenir paper (you could order), many different pre-written articles and all sorts of ideas for how to promote the picture, including a "coloring contest", a "maze" and a "survivor- certificate" (Can anyone get me an original "The Towering Inferno-balloon" ?!!!).
  • American Cinematographer febr.'75 (one dollar ?) - A publication from the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers). This is an in-depth study on how the movie was filmed. 13 pages with very much color and b/w photo's (small but great). You get scans of ALL pages when you support the website and become a VIP-member for the small amount of $10.
  • Films and Filming febr.'75 - A "picture preview", which means three pages of photo's (black and white, as is the whole English magazine) with no written article. Nothing special at all.
  • Photoplay Film Monthly march '75 - This English film magazine has a nice Steve McQueen-cover. The content is average, but there are some nice color and b/w photo's.
  • Films Illustrated febr,'76 - "The Towering Inferno tops the readers' Ten" says the article in this English magazine. The Godfather II (which took most Oscars in favour of Inferno) is second place (395 votes) right behind Inferno (472 votes).
Other, more recent, publications: