There are a lot of great lines. I just picked some that are self-explanatory: No doubt where these lines came from!
You can finally download them again. Sorry it took so long to get these working again.
I added the famous tagline from the trailer. Enjoy !

81 (19kB) Guard: "There's something on 81 !"
Burn my tie (66kB) Duncan (William Holden): "You'll never leave." Roberts (Paul Newman): "Right after the party, come on downstairs and watch me burn my black tie."
No fire (45kB) Guard: "There's no fire." Jernigan (O.J. Simpson): "Well, the sensor indicates there is."
Overreacting (93kB) Roberts (Paul Newman): "Hé Dunc, if that fire was caused by fluky wiring in this building, we could get fires breaking out everywhere !" Duncan (William Holden): "Doug, I think you're overreacting."
Wallpaper (28kB) Bigelow (Robert Wagner): "What happened, somebody hang the wallpaper upsidedown?"
No way (40kB) Duncan (William Holden): "There's no way, for a fire on 81, to reach up here. Not in this building !"
Trailer tagline (236kB) Voiceover from trailer: "Steve McOueen and Paul Newman race against time, as one tiny spark becomes......."


John Williams did his best job ever here ! It all starts with a fantastic piece of opening music on the main titles: big orchestra, big horns, big chills ! But also when the music is very silent, like when they plant the bombs, it's so riveting. The score was only available on lp and later on a bootleg-cd. But finally FilmScoreMonthly did a great job by making a cd with almost ALL of the music. Bad news: it's one of the very few cd's of FSM that are sold-out ! If you have it: cherish it. For those who haven't got it, the good news is: Jason is back !
Thanks to Jason Williams you can listen to all the music from the original motion picture soundtrack ! He has it all in streaming audio ! So go now to Jason Williams' TTI-Score page. Thanks a lot Jason, great job !