Richard Kilroy's works

Richard made this painting (click on it!).
He made more, but only this one survived time. It's a great painting of Jennifer Jones falling out of the scenic elevator. Great painting Richard !

He also made this highly detailed nine inch replica, made of pewter and plated in 24 karat gold. The base is solid Negro Monterey marble. 'The Glass Tower' was designed by William Creber whose work on "The Towering Inferno" earned him his second Academy Award nomination. Based on Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Mile-High Skyscraper', this crystalline-shaped high-rise not only met the special challenges of the demanding screenplay but also triumphs as a fascinating and complex visual in its own right.
This replica is extremely rare. Richard Kilroy made two of these towers for the benefit screening. One he gave to Mrs. Allen and the other was donated to the charity auction. There was a tremendous interest in this tower replica at that screening and he promised to make more available to the people who love this great film.
Eventually there were only 26 towers made. I must say that I am a proud owner of one too (Thanks Richard!!).
Anyone interested in purchasing a tower can e-mail Richard for details:
click here

Someone also sent me pics of the glass tower made by knexx (you know, that kid's stuff where you can build things). But those pics are lost. Shame on me, but I also don't know who was the builder of it. If you read this: mail me, because we want to see it again !