Dunaway and Blakely

Doug (Newman) tells the O'Hallorhan (McQueen) to go up and talk to Duncan (Holden). O'Hallorhan says "I will". Before we see Carlos giving a phone to Duncan, we have some female chit-chat:
Susan (Dunaway) walks up to Patty (Blakely).
* S: Anybody seen a wandering architect ?
* P: Only wandering husbands.
They both smile.
* S: You know some(thing) Pat, Roger's bark is worse then his bite.
* P: That's because you never let him bite. By the way, thank you for that Susan.

* S: That's one of the things that worries me, you know. Most of the married men we know are out hunting. I'd hate to turn Duncan to that.
* P: Well, nobody ever marries the right person. The right person is the one that got away.
* S: Well, then one shouldn't get the right person to get away, right ?
They laugh.
* P: It's a vicious circle.
Roger (Chamberlain) joins the women.
* R: What's a vicious circle ? Hi Susan.
* S: Roger, good evening.
Roger sits at their table.
Carlos gives a phone to Duncan.
Later, when Duncan is adressing the crowd, there's also a female addittion.
At first we hear him say:
* D: Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention.

Then we see Susan and Patty again, talking about a previous conversation between Duncan and Roger.
* S: What was that all about ?
* P: I don't know, something about the electrical equipment. Doug came by this afternoon to talk to Roger.
* S: Doug ?
* P: Wait a second.
Then Duncan's speech is continued. Were these seconds worth adding ? I guess the butcher didn't want to throw anything away !