(With special thanks to Jim Avey who provided me the TV-version)

The TV-version of THE TOWERING INFERNO is longer. How is that possible ? Well, some butcher at the editing table added cut scenes but also some incredible bad stuff that should have been on the editingroom floor forever. The cut scenes provide a bit extra info and I must say it's fun to see them once, but I agree not to put them in the final movie. But some stuff is so terrible, they should hang the responsible editor on the highest tree !
I sometimes hear that there's a TV-version that, besides the extra stuff, also has cuts (like people on fire). I haven't got any info on that, and frankly, I don't even wanna know about it !
I have written out all the extra stuff here. It's all on the new Special Edition DVD, except for one scene. This one is very short on the dvd, but I have the full length and you really miss something:

Bigelow and Duncan: Small conversation after Doug and Will left the office. This cut scene isn't on the new dvd in its full length. And the full-cut-scene, however short, takes blame off Duncan and puts it on Bigelow! This scene can only be seen by VIP-members, sorry. Why ? Read all about it.

All other cut scenes:

Did I miss something ? I hope not, but if I did: Tell me !

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