Frightened Angela

Phillip just climbed down the twisted stairs. Then we see some unknown survivors leaving the building and a shot of the burning tower.
In the original we then see Lisolette on her knees, talking to Angela which we can't hear. In the TV-version it's a different shot:

Lisolette is standing with Angela, looking down.

Doug: Ok, climb down !
L: Climb down ?
D: Put Angela on your back and tell her to hang on !
Lisolette bends down on her knees and talks to Angela.
L: Can you understand what we have to do ..........
She takes off her scarf and gets ready for Angela to climb her, but Angela shrinks back. Lisolette takes her hand.
L: Angela, please darling please, I must.

Doug looks up and down, gives his flashlight to Phillip and climbs up.