Holden and Blakely (rm clip)

McQueen and some firemen are in the elevatorshaft (after the fall of a burning fireman). McQueen says: "Let's go to work".
In the Promenade room, Susan has got some large candles.
* S: (to Carlos) O, have you got a light ?
* C: Yes.
He gives her a light.
* S: Thank you.

Patty is lighting some candles too. When she sees Duncan, her father, she starts to sing a children's song (about a candle ?) and walks up to him.
* P: Did I ever thank you ?
* D: For what ?
* P: My very happy childhood.
* D: I'm sorry it had to end.
* P: Mm, the best is still to come.
Then she kisses him.
The burning Tower looks like a candle itself. Firemen are fighting the fire.