Newman and Dunaway

After Jernigan (Simpson) informs another security guy that "They're having wiring problems", we see Doug (Newman) and Susan (Dunaway) in bed. In the TV-version it starts like this:

Doug is in bed, half naked, with a drink in his hand.
* Doug: O yeah !
Susan chuckles, standing in front of a mirror, dressed in sexy, red/white lingerie.
Susan: Why was I born so long waisted.
D: You got problems, honey.
S: You're looking very pleased with yourself.
She joins him on the bed.
D: You betcha.
S: How did it go overthere ?
D: Well, I;m gonna do it, I'm gonna build that town. On the cliffs above Mendocino. It's not gonna be concrete slabs [?] either. I mean, it's gonna blend so that some guy who's fishing for flounder half mile offshore, wouldn't be able to see it.

Susun chuckles.
S: People will send their children to school with the gulls and otters.
D: Hey, that was some, yesterday.
S: What ?
D: Well, if anybody from the office would have seen me, they would've thought I'd gone crackers.
S: Why ?
D: I got up at 5 o'clock in the morning, just to get out and smell the air.
Susan chuckles again.
D: Last night I sat on those rocks and drank a whole glass of water, before I put any scotch in it.
Again Susan chuckles. She cuddles him.
Here starts the scene in the original movie, only with different shots !

D: I want you up there with me. We can do good things together.
Susan looks surprised/upset.
D: What's the matter ?
She sits up straight.
From this point on the TV-version and the original are the same again.