Dan Bigelow at work

Doug (Newman) leaves Susan (Dunaway) to check the bad wiring. Before he and Will go to Duncan's office, the TV version has this overlong, superfluous scene.

A strange guy in suit leaves the elevator with a big box, and walks to the girl behind the (orange) desk.
* Man: Mr. Bigelow please, I'm Richard [French pronounciation], the jewelor.
* Girl: O yes, he's waiting for you. Right up those stairs, Mr. Richard.
* Man: Thank you.

He walks up to Bigelow's office. In there are 7 people and they look busy.
I haven't had the energy to write out all the talking about the scissors and the "Romanee Contie 1929" yet (it's such a waste of time), but I'll do it later, someday, maybe.