Holden and Dunaway

At the openingceremony Duncan (Holden) takes Susan (Dunaway) aside. In the TV-version we find out why. In the final movie all we see is this:
* Duncan: Find me the architect who designed you, and who needs Doug Roberts ?
* Susan: I do.
And that's it. In the TV-version it is continued:

First we see a lot of busy people outside the building. Then we see Duncan, taking Susan aside.
* D: I'd like to ask you something, now please don't misinterpret, ok ?
They both sit down.
* S: Ok.
* D: I've watched you and Doug. The two of you look good together. You're both ambitious. You don't really wanna live on a cliff 300 miles from nowhere, do you ?

* S: No Jim, I don't.
* D: What can we do about it ?
* S: What do you suggest ?
* D: Well, work together ? I could offer him more money, and you could keep saying no every time he asks you up there. And between the two of us, we might convince him that this is the place where he belongs.
* S: Why not eh, let him go. That's what you do when you love someone.
She gets up and wants to leave.
* D: I can't agree with you Susan. Somebody's got to take responsibility. Somebody who knows about these things. I was hoping that you did.
And he leaves.
And now we run parallel again to the original, with the shot of the announcer outside at the red carpet.