Going to the scenic elevator

After all the lights of the tower went on, we see Duncan, the mayor, the seator and others walk up to the scenic elevator and enter it. In the TV-version two pieces are added + a few bonus seconds in the elevator itself (for a "joke"). Pay attention please:
The tower is lighted in a beautiful San Fransico skyline.

People enter the building.
A shot from inside (we see some big artwork), and then.....
Duncan, the mayor, the senator and others come up the escalator. They admire the building.

They walk to the elevator. Duncan stops.
* D: I've been saving this first ride for you Bob and you Gary.
* Mayor: Three scenic elevators, I'm impressed.
* D: Confidentially, there's only one of them working. The other two are inoperative.
* Senator: Are you sure you've picked the right one ?!
Duncan laughs.
* D: I hope so.
They walk further.
* D: You know what it's like to get cable from Japan when there's a dock strike ?
And they get in the scenic elevator. When they go up they admire the view.
And at the end of this scene, after we've seen a shot of the elevator going up, they added only a few seconds:

* Senator: And all without federal help, for once.
They all laugh.
Was this a joke ? What do we gain by these extra seconds ? It's the butcher again, I guess.