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(january 7th 2011)
xPaul Perdue made the Tower out of plywood and paper in 1974. You can see it on his Fansart-page.

xRyan Thoryk put some great new stuff of Joe Musso online. Have a look at that on theTower-page.

(october 14th 2009)
xRyan Thoryk sent me comments of Joe Musso on the casting choices. Have a look at that on the Preproduction-page.

(august 24th 2009)
xRob made a new, illuminated LEGO tower. You can see it on the Fansart-page.

(january 21st 2008)
Derek Harder made the Tower out of balsa wood. Have a look on the Fansart-page. Also 2 new great pics of the Tower from Michael Jehn on the Tower-page.

(december 31st 2007)
On the last day of the year I found time to put the AutoCAD pics of the tower, made by Bradley J Morton, on a Fansart-page.

(february 1st 2007)
A joke with McQueen and a true blooper, taken from "The Fantasy worlds of Irwin Allen", now on-line as a downloadable clip through the Pictures and clips-page.

(september 24th 2006)
Updated stuff from Geocities and put it on the website itself: promotion material and miscellaneous stuff. All available through the Pictures-page.

(september 19th 2006)
Lots and lots of advertising on several pages. I'm sorry guys. This site costs me about $100 a year. 1st year was paid by loyal fans, 2nd by me. But I'm making this for all of you. The VIP membership was no succes, nor was the shop. So this is my final attempt to receiving some money. If this doesn't work, I'll have to close down (damn).

(september 9th 2006)
Fans at work: RH built the Tower with Lego blocks. Link is on the Fansart-page. Another great photo of the Tower model on the Tower-page (link down below). Scans of pages from more recent books, that talk about the TTI-production. First of all: books of Steve McQueen. Look on the Publications-page.

(april 8th 2006)
Fans at work: Michael Jehn made some bigger/better scans of the Tower-model pics on Abbott's book. See them on Abbott's-page. And Scott Callison updated the skyline pic on the Tower-page.

(february 21st 2006)
A special edition dvd is finally on its way. Read all about it (and pre-order!) on the special dvd-page.

(january 4th 2006)
Posters from all over the world, together on 1 page. Available through the pictures & clips page.
Soon you can SHOP here too: have a look on the shop-page.
And a new title and 2 pics on the lookalikes-page.

(january 3rd 2006)
2 mini-clips "behind the scenes" and 2 cut scenes are on-line again. And a start is made with the cleaning up (and adding more) the pictures archive. All available on the pictures & clips page.
Available for the first time here: all pages of the Cracked (MAD-magazine imitation) magazine TTI-spoof. As well as a rare Brasilian photo-booklet.
Links are on the publications-page.

(jan. 1st 2006)
A much needed makeover for the Home/index page. It's back to the old design, but with a neat pictures-viewer. I like it.
Also the backgrounds of all pages are changed.

(december 31st 2005)
The well-known trailer for TTI is on-line elsewhere. Have a look on the links-page.

(october 25th 2005)
New skyline scan on the Tower-page. Also some storyboards on a Joe Musso page

(september 17th 2005)
Incredible conceptual art pics I got and put on the Tower-page. Thanks to Jim Vines and Michael Jehn !

(april 29th 2005)
Great new painting on fansart-page, as well as 2 new Michael Jehn drawings. And 3 fantastic behind-the-scenic-elevator-scenes pics I got from Jim Avey. I put these on the Tower-page. Thanks guys !!!

(march 16th 2005)
Boy, was this site a mess (too little maintenance on my part). Today live on www.thetoweringinferno.info - reparing links. Update and celebration coming later. This site must be a "must-see" again !!!